240. If possible, the chosson and kallah should make plans that the chosson should learn Torah for a full year after the wedding with Chayus and with a Koch!1

241. Initially the couple should live in a town amongst people who are Yerei Shomayim, and where there is a chassidishe environment, and where relatively cheap accommodation is available.2 As regards to the details of the apartment one needs to give weight to the opinion of the kallah — the Baalas Habayis.

242. Before the couple enters their new apartment, they should make sure that in the apartment, there is a Siddur, Chitas and Tzedakah Pushka.3 It is also customary to put bread and salt in the apartment.

243. The custom is to affix mezuzos immediately without a berachoh and after 30 days to take down one mezuzah to check — and if possible to replace it with a more beautiful mezuzah — and then to re-affix the mezuzah with a berachoh and have in mind with that berachoh all the mezuzos in the house.4

244. The Previous Rebbe related that after his wedding before he moved into his new apartment, children were brought into the apartment to learn Alef Beis and say Pesukim.5

245. The new home should be consecrated — Chanukas Habayis — with a chassidishe farbrengen.6