Every Jew believes — and should believe — in the coming of Moshiach. This is one of the 13 Principles of Faith set forth by the Rambam.1

This complete faith and trust in Moshiach’s coming should be in the manner exemplified by King Chizkiyah. He showed full trust in G‑d’s salvation, when victory seemed impossible, until Chizkiyah said to G‑d:2

‘I have no strength — not to kill, not to run and not even to offer a song; rather, I shall lie down to sleep on my bed and You do Yours!’ G‑d responded: ‘I shall do mine!’

At this point, Sancherib, the ruthless King of Babylon, arch-enemy of Israel, had surrounded Jerusalem with his mighty army, and he promised to make peace with Israel under certain conditions, as he declared:3

“Hearken not unto Chizkiyah, for thus has said the King of Assyria, make a treaty of peace with me and come to me ... that you may live and not die, and hearken not unto Chizkiyah, for he will mislead you, saying, G‑d will deliver us.”

Even Shavna and his colleagues, who constituted the majority of the Shanhedrin at that time, said that according to the Torah it is necessary to make peace and to follow a natural course. Yet, King Chizkiyah heard from Isaiah, G‑d’s prophet, in the name of G‑d,4

“Be not afraid of the words which you have heard ... for I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.”

Upon hearing this, Chizkiyah placed his full trust in G‑d — while the enemy was at his doorsteps, so much so that he went to
sleep, filled with wholesome faith in G‑d. He didn’t act like a frightened person who is worried and cannot sleep. His faith and trust in Divine salvation permeated his entire being — and G‑d waged the battle, as is written,5 “Then went out an Angel of G‑d and struck at the camp of Assyria.” Overnight, thousands of the enemy forces lie dead on the battlefield.

Similarly, everyone today should show and demonstrate full trust in the coming of Moshiach, without the slightest doubt — that now, Moshiach is coming, although logical calculations may show otherwise. This wholesome, undiminished hope and assurance itself will hasten the speedy advent of our Righteous Moshiach.