There are those that argue that our generation — with all its problems, weaknesses, and apathy — is not fit for Moshiach. For, how is it possible that our generation, which does not have the illustrious Torah Sages of previous times, shall be fit to see the revelations of the future redemption, revelations of such magnitude that the glorious and noble generations of the past — with all their Torah scholarship and piety — did not merit to see? Is our generation better than the preceding ones?!

Actually, this itself is proof that now is the time for the revelation of Moshiach, as our Sages state:1 “Moshiach will come B’hesech hadaas” (lit. “in a time of forgetfulness,” when we aren’t expecting him).

In a deeper sense this means: When we find ourselves in a condition wherein our logic and understanding see no possibility for the final redemption; this “lack of logic” is a sure sign that the redemption is imminent.

Certainly, this statement does not mean that we should — G‑d forbid — stop thinking and waiting for the redemption, thereby creating a condition of “forgetfulness.” On the contrary — this is a major tenet of Jewish belief: ‘I await his coming every day!’ (one of Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith). Rather, this means, that notwithstanding the fact that our understanding and our mind see no possibility for Moshiach, yet, we have full, undiminished faith — transcending logic — that Moshiach will be here any day and any moment!