We find two contrasting viewpoints re: the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple.

Rashi and Tosphos state that the Third Holy Temple will be revealed and sent down from Heaven — completely built and furnished. Whereas Rambam maintains that Moshiach will build the Holy Temple.1 How do we reconcile these diverse opinions?

In Eichah it is written,2 “Sunk into the ground are her gates.” The Midrash notes:3 The gates of the Holy Temple were concealed in its place underground.

Upon this verse, the Talmud remarks:4 David (and Moses) merited that the enemies did not have full control of the edifices they built. For, with reference to David it states, “Sunk into the ground are her gates.”

Torah Temimah asks, how is the Beis Hamikdash and its gates attributed to David, when he didn’t even build it, but his son, King Solomon, built it? But the Talmud states,5 since David exerted utmost effort and self-sacrifice to find the appropriate site for the Holy Temple — it is therefore called upon his name.

The reason why the gates remained intact is seen in the Midrash:6

The gates gave honor to the holy Ark. For, when King Solomon made the Ark, he made it 10 cubits long, and the entrance gates of the Temple Sanctuary were 10 cubits wide. Thus, it wasn’t possible for the Ark to fit through the gates. At that time, King Solomon called out,7 “Raise your heads, O gates, and let the King of glory enter,” alluding to the Holy Ark and the Tablets therein. In response to Solomon’s plea, the gates uplifted themselves and permitted the Ark to enter. For this reason, the enemy forces did not destroy the gates but they sunk (intact) into the ground.

In light of the above, it seems that the Holy Temple itself will come down from Heaven. Its gates, however, which sunk into the ground, will rise up — and Moshiach will fasten them to their place. The rule is that, in the process of building, the one who puts up the doors or gates is considered as having built the entire edifice.8

Just as the Temple gates were spared from destruction due to their honor of Torah, so, too, through our wholesome dedication to Torah study and its honor, we shall merit to see the gates rise up and be fastened to the Third Holy Temple through our Righteous Moshiach.