Our Sages state:1

Moses was the first Redeemer and he is the final Redeemer.”

This does not mean that Moses himself will be the final Redeemer, since Moses is a Levite, whereas Moshiach will come from the family of King David — from the Tribe of Judah.2 What, then, does this Midrashic statement mean?

Rather, our Sages teach us that through the power of Moses, who was the first Redeemer, shall come Moshiach — the final Redeemer.

The major qualification of Moshiach is assiduous Torah study.107 Thus, his power and merit to redeem all Jews is through Torah, which is called3 “the Torah of Moses” and as G‑d told him:4 “Since you are humble it shall be called upon your name.” Likewise, the power of Jews to bring the final redemption today is through increased Torah study and its observance.

In the numerical sense, we also find the connection between Moshiach and Moses, as is written,5 “Until Shiloh comes” — yavo Shiloh, and Moshiach is also called Shiloh.6

The Hebrew words yavo Shiloh are the numerical value of Moshiach; and Shiloh is the numerical value of Moshe.7

This teaches us that the merit and power for bringing Moshiach is dependent upon the ideal role of Moses — through a wholesome dedication to Torah study and mitzvos.