The last generation of Jews in exile is called “the heels of Moshiach.”1 During this era, Jews can hear and feel Moshiach,

“..standing behind our wall, looking in at the windows, seeing through the cracks.”2

The Midrash comments: “Our wall” alludes to the Western Wall of the Beis Hamikdash. Why? Because G‑d took an oath that this wall will never be destroyed.

In the literal sense, the wall of exile has windows and cracks. And Moshiach is looking through these windows, peeking through the cracks.

Indeed, Moshiach is looking and watching us; he sees us but we don’t see him, only because our wall obstructs his sight. It is the wall of the evil inclination and impurity which blocks his view. As the forces of purity and holiness grow ever stronger, the walls of exile will crumble and we will see Moshiach, swiftly, with our own eyes.