The Rebbe constantly stresses that “the main thing is action.” Of the thousands of public talks the Rebbe delivered, almost every one contains a practical lesson which can be derived from the subject matter.

If this is the case as a general rule, then all the more so is it the case concerning an issue such as the integrity of the Land of Israel, about which many people ask themselves, what can and should be done to improve the security of Israel, and those who dwell there.

What follows is an anthology of practical suggestions and directives gleaned from the Rebbe’s addresses. These instructions were directed towards each and every one of us, in order to secure the unassailable Jewish right to the Land of Israel. As the Rebbe once said when requesting an increase in outreach programs to strengthen security for Jews in Israel: “Obviously, these can be carried out by each and every Jew (without having to ask anyone’s permission), and can be done in a way which transcends all boundaries and limitations.”