Section One: The Obligation to Protest

An Exceptional Referendum Ruling of the Great Assembly
The Tumult They Made About This — Helped • Every Inch They Give Away From the West Bank Places the Lives of Hundreds of Jews in Danger!
There Should Not Remain a Single Individual Anywhere Who is Unaware of the Ruling • The Task of the Rabbis • Since They Are Ordained Rabbis — Certainly the Issue Affects Them to the Core of their Souls
Rabbis from Outside of Israel Must Also Issue a Ruling •to Publicize a Ruling Even Without Being Requested to from Israel • Not to Wait to be Asked, but to Take the Initiative and Publicize the Law
It is a Waste of Time — In Any Case they Will Not Listen • When it Hurts — Scream! • Had They Not Screamed — Who Knows Where We Would be Today • Even if There is One-Thousandth of a Chance that Protest Will Help — We Must Protest!
Even a Minority which is Vocal Benefits the Entire Generation • The Most Important Thing Now is a Bitter Protest • If This Were a Sustained Protest — it Would Succeed