1) A boy whose birth was preceded by a miscarriage is still considered a firstborn in relation to the laws of inheritance, and is consequently obliged to fast on Erev Pesach.1

2) A boy born via Caesarian section is not considered a Bechor, nor is the following child — even if born naturally.2

3) It is customary to avoid fasting by participating in a Siyum.3 This is valid even if the Siyum is made by one under Bar Mitzvah.4

4) Until a boy becomes Bar Mitzvah, the duty to fast rests with the father. The custom is however that the father and the son attend the Siyum in Shul.5

5) Siyum over the ‘phone: In the first instance one should definitely attend the Siyum ‘face-to-face’. In extenuating circumstances, ask a Shaaloh whether you could listen to a Siyum live over the ‘phone, being that the essential in this instance is the joy of the event, and it may not be imperative to hear a human voice directly.6 Needless to say, listening to a Siyum on tape or video is of no bearing.