1) [After completing the search we say Kol Chamira (#1), to declare all unknown Chometz null and hefker]. Once the Chometz is burning on the morning of Erev Pesach we say Kol Chamira(#2), declaring all our Chometz to be null and hefker. This declaration should be said by all members of the household who may possess Chometz of their own.

2) One may possess Chometz that is poisonous since it is now unfit for animal consumption. Bait that is Chometz, by contrast, must be disposed of.1

3) Beware: some dried flower arrangements have stalks of wheat added, as do some mixtures of potpourri. Also: it is common for children to use macaroni for art projects. Make sure to dispose of these before Pesach.

4) One should clean out one’s rubbish bins/trash cans before Pesach. This includes the ‘wheelie’ bins, even though they are the property of the local council. Placing the bin in the street does not acquit you of getting rid of the Chometz therein.2

5) Question: During Pesach I received a wrapped gift. Upon opening I see that it is a bottle of whisky. What should I do now?

Answer: If the one giving you the gift had sold his or her Chometz, enquire whether the gift was purchased before the Sale of Chometz on the morning of Erev Pesach, in which case the gift should just be put away until after Pesach.

Failing that, you should destroy the gift as soon as possible. If this happened on Shabbos or on the 1st or 7th day of Yom Tov, you may not move the Chometz because it is Muktzah. You should therefore cover it over until nightfall. On the 2nd or 8th day of Yom Tov you should dispose of it in a manner that does not involve a Melachah, e.g. pouring the whisky down the toilet. [Similarly, a cake should be crumbled and then flushed]. If the gift was received during Chol HaMoed, it is preferable to burn the Chometz. When destroying this Chometz [via any method] one should not say the Berachah Al Biur Chametz.3

6) One traveling on an airplane during Pesach and is served a meal containing Chometz incurs a duty to dispose of the Chometz promptly (see previous point). When purchasing one’s ticket one should stipulate that one wishes Kosher-for-Pesach meals, and that one does not wish to acquire the Chometz meals.4

7) The above problems were due to the Chometz having been acquired on Pesach. By contrast, if one realizes on Pesach that some Chometz food or drink was left out, one may not need to dispose of it, for generally all Chometz at one’s premises are included in the sale. Therefore just put the discovered item away with the sold Chometz.5

8) Even our animals may not feed on Chometz from an hour before noon on Erev Pesach.6 If you have an aquarium with fish that feed on Chometz — one solution is to sell the whole tank with the Chometz [in situ], and before Pesach to pop in a food-tablet [made for feeding one’s fish when going on vacation]. For owners of cats and dogs: give them away to a friendly non-Jewish neighbor, along with a supply of pet-food that will suffice until Pesach is over.

9) Some Poskim rule that one may not order Chometz products on Pesach for delivery after Pesach.7

10) When payment is made by credit card (which could possibly constitute ownership of the goods), one should avoid ordering the same even before Pesach.8

11) If you need to use medication regularly, check whether it is suitable for Pesach. If listed as unsuitable, ask a Shaaloh in good time.9