1) The procedure for Kashering dentures: avoid eating hot Chometz for 24 hours; use a suitable detergent or spirit to clean the dentures, ensuring that no residue of food remains; pour boiling water from the kettle into a glass; dip the dentures into the water for a few seconds; take out and rinse in cold water.

2) Fillings & fixed braces, by contrast, cannot effectively be kashered. Just brush and floss carefully, as you would do with your natural teeth. In addition, try to avoid eating hot Chometz, such as lokshen in soup, for 24 hours before the time for stopping to eat Chometz.1

3) Starch is often made from grain or Kitniyos. Tablecloths that have been starched after the last wash should not be used on Pesach (unless covered by a sheet of plastic).2

4) The pot used for pouring boiling water when kashering the Chometz sink and work-surfaces should not be used on Pesach. One could use a kettle normally used in Chometz, provided it is not used directly for boiling Chometz.3

5) One can cover the kitchen worktops with two layers of durable, waterproof material. Even if heat will be transmitted through these materials there is still no need to kasher the surfaces before covering.4