The true height of purity will be attained only with the advent of Moshiach, at which time Zecharyah’s prophecy will be fulfilled,1 “And the spirit of impurity I shall remove from the earth.”

For, even when Moshiach comes, the spirit of impurity will still be here, as seen in the Rambam’s description of Moshiach2 : “Moshiach will coerce all Jews to study Torah and observe mitzvos.”

The term “coerce” indicates that not everyone will return to Torah on their own, since there will still be the spirit of impurity (and the evil inclination). Moshiach’s function will be (one of his many, multifaceted functions) to completely remove the spirit of impurity from the world.

Perhaps some might assume that we need do nothing now and just wait for Moshiach to do the job. This is not so! Rather, we must do everything possible now — each and every person — to infuse the spirit of purity within ourselves, our homes and community, as our Sages declare3 : “Purity leads to..the coming of Eliyahu the Prophet and Moshiach.”

We can — and must — prepare for the imminent advent of Moshiach NOW!