With gratitude to Hashem, I am delighted to present a summary of the laws of Yichud. For a number of years, I have Boruch Hashem had the privilege of teaching these halachos at the Bnos Menachem Yad Ramah Lubavitch Seminary at Bournemouth, UK and at the Lubavitch House Senior Girls’ School in London. The present volume is based on the shiurim presented at the Seminary.

Let me stress from the very outset that the purpose of this volume is to teach the student the principles of Yichud and to highlight the circumstances that may pose a question of Yichud. However, in every case where there is a question of Yichud, a competent Rav should be consulted. He will be able to evaluate all the various problems and mitigating factors and deliver a Psak Din tailor-made for the question.

It is of paramount importance that both men and women have a clear understanding of these halachos. The aim of this volume is to present the student with a concise guide and, at the same time, to give the scholar footnotes for research.

It is my fervent hope that an increased awareness and knowledge of these halachos will add to the kedushah and tznius in Klal Yisroel, and in this merit we shall very soon greet Moshiach Bimhaira Beyamaynu, Amen.