In the memory of any Lubavitcher chassid, the first sichah before us, delivered on the eve of 28 Nissan, 5751 [April 11, 1991], marks a momentous turning point. Unexpectedly, it built up to the electrifying appeal of the Rebbe Shlita to his chassidim around the world, an appeal which escalated a year (to date) of unprecedented activity: “What more can I do to motivate the entire Jewish people to clamor and cry out, and thus actually bring about the coming of Mashiach? ...All that I can possibly do is to give the matter over to you. Now, do everything you can to bring Mashiach, here and now, immediately!”

The urgent tone of this appeal set the pace for the veritable avalanche of teachings and directives throughout this period which are mirrored in the selected addresses summarized in the present anthology.

Indeed, so many momentous issues have been addressed by the Rebbe Shlita over the past two eventful years, all of them pointing to the uniqueness of the period in which we live, that many of our readers have no doubt felt like a visitor confronting an array of dazzling paintings, who instinctively steps back a pace, so that he can appreciate their total effect from a different perspective. To meet this need, the nineteen essays in this volume are introduced by an Overview of some of the key addresses of the Rebbe Shlita over the last two years, on the subject of Mashiach and the ultimate Redemption.

* * *

The texts were all adapted and translated by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger and edited by Uri Kaploun. The anthology was structured and prepared for publication by Rabbi Yonah Avtzon, Director of Sichos In English. Yosef Yitzchok Turner is responsible for the layout and typography, and Avrohom Weg designed the cover.

* * *

On this auspicious date, we and all those people whose lives have been touched by the Rebbe Shlita join in one request: May the Torah and the prayers of the tens of thousands of adults and children who have learned to study and to pray through the inspiration of the Rebbe Shlita stand him now in good stead, and may we soon be privileged once again to hear Torah from his lips with ever-increasing vigor and joy.