Introducing "Make Peace.": A Visionary Roadmap for Lasting Peace in Israel

Yud Gimmel Adar 1 - February 22, 2024 


The October 7, 2023, massacres in Israel shook the world, shattering Israel’s illusion of relative security. Israel has gone to war to defend its people, yet Israeli history demonstrates that the current war is part of a recurring “cycle” of violence that has persisted for decades. And this raises the painful question: Is the present war just another, deadlier, round in this cycle? Will it ever end?

With the hope of providing clarity in these challenging times, Sichos in English presents Make Peace, a pioneering work that offers the Rebbe’s timeless wisdom on achieving lasting peace in Israel. Make Peace isn't just another anthology; it's a comprehensive, systematic presentation of the Rebbe’s teachings, framed in the context of history and current events, meticulously distilled into a clear guide for today's complex world.

This book is premiering under a new imprint titled Yonah Press in the memory of Rabbi Yonah Avtzon A”H. Written in a coherent, structured style, Make Peace delves deep into the intersections of Torah, historical analysis, and military strategy, providing a principled approach to ending the cycle of conflict once and for all. Through a coherent and structured narrative, this book illuminates the Rebbe's vision of a peaceful future.

As we prepare to bring this groundbreaking work to print, we invite you to join us in making this vision accessible to the broadest audience possible. Your support can help illuminate the path towards peace.

Here's a glimpse of what Make Peace offers:

  • An in-depth analysis of Israel's security situation through the Rebbe's teachings.
  • A structured presentation of historical evidence and military strategy.
  • A clear, accessible style designed to enlighten both informed and casual readers about the possibilities of lasting peace.

Read the excerpt here

Make Peace offers a beacon of hope for a future where peace is not merely a dream, but a reality. Your partnership can help bring the Rebbe's visionary teachings to the forefront.

Partner with Sichos in English to help bring this transformative work to print in the next few weeks and enable it to reach the broadest of audiences.

Together, let's take a bold step towards making peace a reality.

May we achieve the ultimate peace with the coming of Mashiach speedily in our days!


The Sichos in English Team


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A Gift for Shluchim

Chof Hey Cheshvan - November 9, 2023


Over the past few years, Sichos in English has been developing its widely popular series,  Selections from Likkutei Sichos, on the 5 books of the Chumash. This groundbreaking series has enabled Jews of all types to learn the Rebbe’s sichos directly from the pages of Likkutei Sichos

Now, in time for the Kinus HaShluchim, this series has finally reached completion, and will be made available in an elegant slipcase, creating a cohesive and sleek design which will make it even more attractive to readers and elevate your bookcase.

In honor of 50 years since the launch of Mivtza Torah, the Touger Family Foundation is giving shluchim the unique opportunity to purchase one full set at a significantly subsidized price. Marked down from $220 to just $99 for the full set, with free shipping within the US, this unique gift will enable many shluchim to spread the Rebbe’s Torah to a wider audience in a way that it can easily be accessed and internalized.

With only 650 sets available at this special gifted price, hurry to make one yours!

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Together, we can spread the wellsprings of Chassidus and ready the world for the imminent arrival of Mashiach Tzidkeinu!
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Messages from the Yom Kippur War

In the face of tragedy and confusion, the Rebbe's message

With the ongoing tragic war in Eretz Yisroel, and in search for clarity and direction in this difficult time, Sichos in English brings to you the Rebbe's message from his first public addresses during the Yom Kippur War.

The Rebbe emphasizes the great importance of strength, positivity and high morale amongst the yidden following the losses of the surprise attack. 

This is poignantly relevant to the current war, and the message provides tremendous chizuk and clarity towards the path to nitzachon.

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May this boost in spiritual strength benefit the soldiers and captives. May we merit to see open miracles as Am Yisrael is saved from our enemies and we march to the ultimate victory of the true and complete Geulah

Appreciating Shofar With SIE 

Looking to make this Rosh HaShanah more meaningful and transformative?  Are you being a baal tokeia in shul or on mivtzo’im? To jumpstart your year, Sichos in English is delighted to unveil a classic maamar on the topic of shofar from their latest project, Lessons in Siddur Im Dach.

To enrich your Rosh HaShanah experience and take it to the next level, Sichos in English is delighted to unveil a timeless maamar from their latest project, an addition to the acclaimed Lessons in Maamorim series, entitled Lessons in Siddur Im Dach, translated and elucidated by Rabbi Elisha Pearl.

One of a Kind

Siddur Im Dach was the very first collection of the Alter Rebbe's maamarim to be published and features a series of unique maamarim privately conveyed to the Alter Rebbe’s inner circle. With his eloquent pen, the Mitteler Rebbe later transcribed these maamarim, publishing them in the margins of the siddur in the year 5576 (1816). With this exciting new project of Sichos in English, this classic work will now be available for English speakers to access and learn.

Discover the Essence of Shofar

In preparation for Rosh HaShanah 5784, Sichos in English is honored to release a first sample of this important work, Maamar Lehavin Inyan Tekias Shofar. A classic maamar which is also featured in the standard Chabad Machzor, the Rebbeim instructed that every baal tokeia should learn it on Rosh HaShanah morning, and the Rebbe further encouraged everyone else to study it as well. 

While this year the Shofar is only sounded on the second day of Rosh HaShanah due to Shabbos, this maamer’s message also applies to the general nature of Rosh HaShanah as well. 

Beyond providing the translation and basic explanation, Lessons in Siddur Im Dach offers a unique resource. As Rabbi Naftoli Hertz Pewzner, editor-in-chief of this project, puts it, "This new elucidation of the maamar includes a whole wealth of insight into how these ideas were expounded upon by all the Rebbeim. It offers a unique opportunity to gain clarity and appreciation for how Chassidus Chabad illuminates Rosh HaShanah’s true meaning." 

Accessible Wisdom

For the very first time, this maamar is available in English, presented in a clear and reader-friendly format. Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, Director of SIE, adds, "For many people, even attempting to learn a maamar from the Siddur Im Dach has always been no more than a dream. Baruch Hashem, after a lot of investment, the final product brings this timeless treasure straight into your homes."

For Everyone

Whether you are blowing the shofar in shul or on mivtzo’im, or whether you are being yotzei the mitzvah on the listening end, this is for you!

Click here to illuminate your Rosh HaShanah and to start off your year on the right note.

Ksivah Vachasima Tovah Leshanah Tovah Umesukah! May we be inscribed for a year of Geulah, and may we merit to hear the sounding of the great shofar with the imminent arrival of Mashiach Tzidkeinu!



SIE SALE: Don’t Just Let Hey Teves Pass


On the first Hey Teves anniversary the Rebbe said, “These days should be relived and experienced each year.” Today, on Hey Teves are you tasting the sweet success of our victory as chassidim? Are you celebrating our seforim? Or do you want to celebrate and experience this monumental day but aren’t sure how?


Fear not, Sichos in English can help you out. The ideal way to celebrate our victory of the seforim is through learning them. The Sichos in English annual Hey Teves Sale, which is happening now online and in stores through Sunday, Ches Teves, December 12 creates the perfect opportunity to purchase seforim that you have been eyeing at a discounted rate.


With discounts hitting up to 60% off, Sichos in English is making purchasing seforim and celebrating Hey Teves easy. The sale includes the acclaimed Lessons series of reader friendly maamorim as well as the first two volumes of the popular Selections from Likkutei Sichos with the option to pre-order Vayikra which will be in stock in time for Parshas Vayikra.The just completed Orach Chayim segment of the Weiss Edition Shulchan Aruch (Volumes 1-10) and Choshen Mishpat (Volume 12) are also included in the sale. Purchase individual volumes of these highly acclaimed series for a heavily discounted rate or buy the full set at an even bigger discount!


With Hey Teves celebrations and farbrengens encouraging Chassidim worldwide to celebrate the seforim by purchasing their own, the Sichos in English seforim are selling fast. Capitalize on this opportunity and celebrate Hey Teves as it should be experienced. Gift yourself a sefer that you can learn.


So many options and not sure where to start?


Here are some bestsellers and newly printed seforim that are on sale:


Healthy in Body, Mind, and Spirit - Mental Health is a compilation sharing the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s perspective on mental health. From the Rebbe’s correspondences with diverse individuals readers can garner perspective and insight on the proper approach to dealing with mental health.


Lessons in Heichaltzu, a maamar delivered by the Rebbe Rashab, is the Chassidic magnum opus on relationships. Learn about what causes the seeds of divisiveness to fester and how to be more tolerant and accepting of others. 


The Basics of Chassidus Volume 1 explains foundational Chassidic terminology and concepts enabling the depth of commonly used Chassidic ideas to become as commonly understood. This sefer is available for pre-order.


A Life-Changing Mashpia: Rabbi Shlomo Chayim Kesselman is a window into the life of the legendary mashpia, Reb Shlomo Chayim. Get a glimpse of what it takes to be a mentor and participate in the Chassidic farbrengen held throughout the pages of the book.


Please note: Items available for pre-order are taking longer than expected to arrive due to delayed shipping. However, your pre-ordered items will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity.


Happy seforim shopping!

The Sichos in English Team



Don’t Miss Out: Final Volume of SIE Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim series


If you are searching for direction on how to live your life as a Jew, the Shulchan Aruch is the perfect start. To learn its directives in a convenient and clear fashion, check out the Weiss Edition Shulchan Aruch from Sichos in English. 


Starting in 5773, for close to a decade, Sichos in English has been releasing volume after volume of the Orach Chayim and Choshen Mishpat segments of the revamped Shulchan Aruch series sharing the fundamental guidelines to Jewish living. Now, Sichos in English is proud to debut the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch Volume 9, which covers Hilchos Yomtov. This volume is a milestone for the Shulchan Aruch project as Hilchos Yom Tov, Volume 9 completes the Orach Chayim section of the Shulchan Aruch. 


Orach Chayim, literally meaning the way of life, serves to do exactly that - provide instruction and guidance on how a Jew should live. From halachos upon waking to halachos on how a person should end their day, the details set forth in the Shulchan Aruch will carry a Jew through each hour of every day 365 days a year. Through learning the halachos detailed in the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch, particularly in Orach Chayim, studiers’ lives will be illuminated.


Celebrating the completion of Hilchos Yom Tov, Volume 9, Sichos in English is featuring this volume for pre-order at the annual Sichos in English Hey Teves sale with the rest of the series available as well. Whether you have several volumes and want to build your set or you prefer to buy the series in one go, the Hey Teves Sale featuring the complete Orach Chayim set is the perfect opportunity to make your purchase.


Already from the initial releases, this series has been recognized as revolutionary. Lauded by rabbonim, educators, and readers worldwide, the improved Sichos in English Shulchan Aruch is guaranteed to heighten a learners experience of the basics and beyond of a Jew’s life. “Each volume that comes out is a must-have for me,” shares an owner of several volumes of the series. Truthfully, that is no surprise. With bilingual text and easy navigation, this all encompassing and practical series showcases the primary guide to life in a learner friendly and pristine display. 


This lengthy but worthwhile project spearheaded by Sichos in English is the painstaking labor of Rabbi Eli Touger and Rabbi Sholom Ber Winerberg. The initial volumes of this series were co-authored by Uri Kaploun. A dedicated team of Rabbonim and editors researched and edited each volume giving extensive care and attention to the intricate details. 


The Weiss Edition Shulchan Aruch is named in appreciation for the generous partnership of the legendary patrons of Torah, Rabbi Yonah Mordechai (Marty) and Hadassah Weiss of Los Angeles, and Rabbi Moshe and Ruti Weiss of Sherman Oaks, California in honor of their parents.


As Volume 9 is delicately packed and journeying across the Atlantic to enhance the SIE readers' study of the fundamental Halachos, Yoreh Deiah, the final segment of the Shulchan Aruch is being worked on.


The newest additions to the Sichos in English series are the perfect way to enhance your learning, enabling you to learn each halachah in a clear and convenient manner. The Sichos in English annual Hey Teves Sale is taking place from Tuesday, Gimmel Teves/ December 7, until Sunday, Ches Teves/ December 12. You can be part of the first readers to pre-order Volume 9, Hilchos Yomtov or purchase the whole Weiss Edition Orach Chayim set along with the other available volumes.



On the auspicious day of 20 Kislev, Sichos in English is proud to debut the first volume of the monumental and groundbreaking series, ‘The Basics of Chassidus’, the first-ever of its kind Chassidic Encyclopedia in English.

Why the joyous celebrations on 19-20 Kislev? The primary reason for rejoicing is in celebration of the Alter Rebbe’s liberation and by extension, the release of Chassidus. Chassidus, the elixir for aching souls, the reviving waters for parched lips, and the life to Torah texts, was allowed to be accessed by every Jew, beginner, and scholar.

Although Chassidus can now be learned, the teachings of Chassidus are not compiled in one collection. The ideas of Chassidus are interwoven amongst centuries of Chassidic teachings. To truly understand the full scope of any Chassidic concept or topic, one has to explore many teachings and insights which can take a lifetime of Torah study. Not anymore.

On this auspicious day of 20 Kislev, Sichos in English is proud to debut the first volume of the monumental and groundbreaking series,The Basics of Chassidus. As the first-ever of its kind, this Chassidic Encyclopedia in English makes Chassidus readily accessible to those who want to understand its brilliance and depth.

This comprehensive compilation is the painstaking work of Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov of Wimbledon, England, Shliach of the Rebbe and author of numerous books, and Rabbi Naftoli Hertz Pewzner, mashpia in Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim, Morristown, New Jersey. “The vision for this groundbreaking series is to take the Rebbe’s vision of making Chassidus accessible, one step further,” says Rabbi Pewzner. “If a beginner or veteran scholar wants to get a wholesome picture of a Chassidic concept, The Basics of Chassidus series is where they should look.”

The beauty of Chassidus is its depth. However, because Chassidus is not organized by topic and one idea can be interlaced through an array of teachings, studiers don’t always get the satisfaction of understanding the breadth of an idea. The Basic of Chassidus series intends to fill that gap. Its vision is to serve as a comprehensive explanation of Chassidic ideas in English.

Beyond the masterfully explained content, the thoughtful structure of this book enhances its reader’s study. The ideas are organized by topic, rather than Alphabetical order, to create an intuitive flow. The division of the chapters and subchapters allows for easier navigation. As this series is a supplement to the original texts, sources accompany the ideas brought forth encouraging further study of the original discourses.

This first 450-page volume of this series focuses on the basis of what Chassidus Chabad is about and is titled: Chabad: Its Origins, Principles, and Purpose. It covers the nature and theme of Chassidus and the specific contribution of Chassidus Chabad. Core ideas such as Achdus Hashem, avodas Hashem, Dirah BeTachtonim, hafatzas hamaayanos, and the Rebbe and chassid relationship are all thoroughly treated. A theme built throughout the volume is an appreciation of Chassidus’s “yechidah-effect” and its role in preparation of the Geulah.

Following volumes will cover the scope of Chassidus relating to the study of G‑dliness, the process of creation commonly known as seder hishtalshelus, the dynamics of Torah and mitzvos, and daily life illuminated by Chassidus. Themes like Shabbos, the holidays, life events, and more will also be featured. As Rabbi Dubov accurately encapsulates this series, “It projects a Moshiach mindset, a synergy of body and soul, the very essence of Chassidus.”

In the spirit of the day, Sichos in English is  sharing the chapter titled “Chabad” which focuses on the formation of Chassidus Chabad, its novelty, and its development from the days of the Alter Rebbe until the present.

“With this groundbreaking Chassidic encyclopedia, we want to make the richness of Chassidic ideas easy to reach,” shares Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, Director of Sichos in English. “With this series, a person can look up a Chassidic concept and get a full picture of an isolated idea and where it is discussed in Chassidus.” This series seeks to provide the pivotal “aha” moment of clarity which brings Chassidic ideas to life through providing understanding of the depth and breadth of an idea. The clearly structured ideas displayed provide an elaborate understanding of the topics discussed. Novices and scholars can further their study from the curated wisdom in these volumes forming a wholesome understanding of intricate ideas that create the tapestry of Chassidus. 

In celebration of Chassidus, Sichos in English is enabling its readership to further their study of Chassidus with the debut of The Basics of Chassidus. The first volume, Chabad: Its Origins, Principles, and Purpose, will be available for pre-order at the Annual Sichos in English Hey Teves Sale taking place from Tuesday, Gimmel Teves, December 7 until Sunday, December 12, Ches Teves.

Click here to download the preview.


Digital access to SIE’s Likkutei Sichos Vayikra

Never miss a week again

Following the release of the revolutionary Likkutei Sichos in English - Bereishis and Shmos, requests have flowed in from all over the world for the follow-up, Sefer Vayikra. While the Sefer is still being prepared for print, the team at SIE has come up with an innovative new way to ensure access to the Sichos, as they’re ready.

By partnering with Sichos in English to help get Sefer Vayikra to print, you can gain digital access to one Sicha per Parsha, distributed on a weekly basis. There are three ways to partner:

1) A contribution of $32 will get you immediate digital access, and a complimentary copy of the Sefer once it goes to print.

2) If you are interested in digital access only, a contribution of $18 will get you an online access code.

3) And finally, the team at Sichos in English is encouraging educators who have been using these Sichos in classes to reach out to them for special pricing.

Partners will also have exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the Sichos as they’re being prepared - with the ability to give feedback on new features as they’re added.

Get access in time for Parshas Tzav. PARTNER TODAY!

An interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Touger:

Listen to a special radio interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Touger, a renowned scholar who, among other major works (such as the translations of the Baal Haturim and the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch), spent 20 years translating Maimonides’ magnum opus, the Mishneh Torah.

He is the editor in chief at Sichos in English and led the translation of its new Likutei Sichos project. The first volume, on Sefer Bereishis, was just published.

The interview was held on WLQV Radio Detroit, for the Jewish Hour on Sunday morning with Rabbi Herschel Finman.

In this interview, Rabbi Touger takes one into the atmosphere of the Rebbe's farbrengen, chazara, hanacha and the art of translation.

Here are some works that are coming soon from SIE:


Cover (mock up).jpg

Sefer HaSichos 5704

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak, who is also known as the Rebbe Rayatz, first visited America in 1929, and settled there in 1940. His proactive encouragement of rabbinic and lay leaders to take the offensive against the ravages of assimilation turned the tide in many American communities, as well as throughout the global Jewish community.

Until now, these impassioned talks were accessible only in the original Yiddish, except for partial translations into Hebrew. The newly-released inaugural English volume explores his in-depth responses to the intense climactic year of World War II, to the bombardment of Warsaw, to the resigned attitude of some American Jewish leaders to assimilation, and to the secular indoctrination of refugee children in Israel. All in all, this volume is a veritable symphony of inspirational teachings, pungent pointers to personal growth, portraits of vintage chassidim and heartwarming narratives.

This series, translated by Uri Kaploun, is published by Sichos In English in conjunction with Kehot Publication Society, which was founded in 1942 by the Rebbe Rayatz. Under the leadership of his successor, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, these Lubavitch publishing houses have brought Torah education to nearly every Jewish community in the world, and together are the world's largest publisher of Jewish literature. More than 100,000,000 volumes have been disseminated to date in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Farsi and Arabic.

SA 7 (Pesach) Shaar for Web.jpg

The Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch
(Weiss Edition)
Vol. 8 - Hilchos Pesach • Sections 453-494

A New Showcase for a Classic Gem

The new layout – with the original text and the facing translation on the same page – provides a unique user-friendly approach to studying the Alter Rebbe’s work. An inclusive commentary provides insightful explanations and guidelines for actual practice.