This letter is addressed to Rabbi Menachem Zev Greenglass, one of the leaders of the Lubavitch community in Montreal.

B”H, Sunday, 13 Nissan, 5703

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your letter:

a) With regard to Beis Rivkah:1 We know that you are very engrossed in the other worthy communal projects in which you are involved. They are of great importance, and Heaven forbid that you should lessen your efforts in them even slightly.

And yet, one must pay attention to the fact that establishing schools for girls on a foundation of holiness and purity at this time and in these places is a matter of life itself for these Jewish girls. And the education of Jewish girls also has a great effect on the education of their brothers, on the spirit of the family, and on the purification of the air in the Jewish community at large. When all these factors are taken into account, I don’t see how the matter can continue to be postponed.

And as you certainly know, you are the only ones in your city whom we know we can approach with such a suggestion.

In the time before you succeed in establishing a school for girls, it is appropriate to, at the very least, organize Shabbos parties for girls. This is a far easier matter. And experience has shown that these parties influence girls who attend to later enroll in Beis Rivkah and to make positive changes in their conduct.

b) With regard to the youth from Vancouver:2 I don’t know why he was rejected. (I do not [see the situation in the same way as one who is] local; I, nevertheless, do not agree with the step taken at all. Nonetheless, I always refrain from imposing my opinion on others — and will not do so in this instance either.) Regardless of the course of action taken, it is necessary to send a courteous letter to the Rabbi who proposed the student’s application, explaining why his request was not fulfilled, stating reasons that make sense to others. May the honor of your colleague be dear to you....3

c) Your request regarding the printed matter was fulfilled. Similarly, the money ($50) was received and divided as you requested.

d) With regard to the Torah scroll [to greet Mashiach].4 [The scribe is in the midst] of Parshas Haazinu. Therefore anyone who desires to participate [by purchasing] letters should hurry. To cite an example: There are even some of your colleagues, students in the yeshivah, who have not signed up as of yet!!