Kol mevaser mevaser veomer...

The voice of the herald1 brings good tidings and proclaims:

Your mighty salvation comes!2 My Beloved is coming!3 — the voice heralds.

He comes with myriads of regiments of angels to stand on the Mount of Olives!4 — the voice heralds.

He approaches to sound the Shofar,5 beneath Him the mountain shall split,6 — the voice heralds.

He knocks,7 peers [through the lattice],8 and shines forth,9 and half the mountain moves from the east,10 — the voice heralds.

He has fulfilled the words of His promise, and He has come with all His holy ones,11 — the voice heralds.

A heavenly voice is heard by all the inhabitants of the earth, — the voice heralds.

Israel, His people, tended by Him from the womb,12 has been newly born as a babe born from its mother’s loins, — the voice heralds.

She has travailed and given birth13 to a people that shines forth as the dawn;14 who has heard of anything like this?15 — the voice heralds.

The Pure One has wrought all this; who has seen such wonders?273 — the voice heralds.

The means and time of Redemption have been appointed; can a land be born in one day?273 — the voice heralds.

Without the help of the One who is omnipotent in celestial and terrestrial domains, could an entire nation be born at once?273 — the voice heralds.

When the resplendent G‑d redeems His people, then the evening shall be light,16 — the voice heralds.

Deliverers will go up to Mount Zion,17 for Zion has travailed and given birth,18 — the voice heralds.

A voice resounds throughout your boundaries: Enlarge the place of your encampment,19 — it heralds.

Extend your habitations as far as Damascus;20 receive your sons and your daughters, — the voice heralds.

Rose of Sharon,21 exult, for those who sleep in Hebron22 have arisen, — the voice heralds.

Turn to Me and be saved even this very day, if you hear My voice,23 — the voice heralds.

There has appeared a man: his name is Tzemach,24 it is David himself!25 — the voice heralds.

Arise, those who are buried in the earth; awake and jubilate, those who dwell in the dust!26 — the voice heralds.

When [Mashiach] will be established as king in Jerusalem, the populous city,27 G‑d will be a tower of salvation to him,28 — the voice heralds.

The name of the wicked will be annihilated, but lovingkindness will be shown to David his anointed,286 — the voice heralds.

Grant salvation to the eternal people, to David and his descendants forever,286 — the voice heralds.

From the prayers of Hoshana Rabbah, Siddur Tehillat HaShem
(trans. Rabbi Nissen Mangel), p. 334