Beloved of my soul, merciful Father, draw Your servant to Your will. Then Your servant will run as swiftly as a deer; he will bow before Your splendor; Your acts of affection will be sweeter than honeycomb and every pleasant taste.

Glorious, resplendent One, Light of the world, my soul is lovesick for You; I beseech You, O G‑d, pray heal it by showing it the sweetness of Your splendor. Then it will be strengthened and healed and will experience everlasting joy.

O pious One, may Your mercy be aroused, and show compassion to Your beloved child. For it is long that I have been yearning to behold the glory of Your majesty. These my heart desires, so have pity and do not conceal Yourself.

Reveal Yourself, my beloved, and spread over me the shelter of Your peace. Let the earth be illuminated by Your glory; we will rejoice and exult in You. Hasten, Beloved, for the time has come; and be gracious unto us as in days of yore.

Yedid Nefesh, from Minchah for erev Shabbos; Siddur Tehillat HaShem (trans. Rabbi Nissen Mangel), p. 126