Grant a happy future for Your people; restore the Sanctuary to our midst; exalt the Mountain that is the most exalted of all mountains; raise the glory that has been cut down; brighten the darkness of Your desired Abode; bestow glory upon the [city] which sits alone; You alone shall enwrap her with sovereignty; remove disgrace from the city; shake off the wicked from Your dwelling-place; show mercy to Your congregation; take Your beloved to Your heart; make a new covenant with her; let her life be precious in Your eyes; cleanse her with pure waters; settle her in the city where David camped; raise the stature of [Israel, who is compared to a] palm tree; proclaim to all our love; walk in the midst of our camps; seek the redemption of our exile; reveal the end of exile when You will acquire us again; come swiftly to have mercy upon us; proclaim that we are Your chosen people and we will acknowledge You as our G‑d.1

Seder Avodah LeYom Kippur, Machzor for Yom Kippur (trans. Rabbi Nissen Mangel), p. 191