The headstone [Jerusalem] has been turned into ruins, into a plowing ground, and the inheritors of the Heritage [Torah] have become an object of scorn among the nations. My heart aches within me, pained and anguished, for we are left as without a father and have become as orphans. [Israel,] tender and delicate, who was surrounded by a hedge of roses, is now in distress [and] is handed over into the hand of her adversaries. [Jerusalem] the faithful city has become as a widow, and the children [of Israel of whom it is said,] “Who can count them?” have been sold without money. The delicate and tender one who prospered [and achieved] royalty, her suffering has now lasted for too many years. The House of Jacob has become an object of scorn, contempt and derision; the jubilant city, a site for the planting of vineyards. Overfilled with bitter misery by the hand of wicked people is [the nation] who was favored as a burnt-offering and as an incense-offering. She was loath to forsake the Torah of Moses, [and therefore] she finds no rest either day or night. Awesome, exalted G‑d, may it be Your will, to bring about a year of retribution for the abuse of Zion. Renew our days as of old, Eternal G‑d whose abode is in the heavens; whiten the redness as wool and the stains as snow. Strengthen us in the fear of You and in the fulfillment of Your Torah, and remember us with Your deliverance, King who is full of mercy.

From the Selichos for Asarah BeTeves, Siddur Tehillat HaShem, p. 356