Selections from Likkutei Sichos

Insights into the Weekly Parshah by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Rebbe's Likkutei Sichos revolutionizes Torah study, Jewish life, and G-dly experience. Now, for the first time ever, a curated selection of the original Likkutei Sichos is available in English.

Likkutei Sichos, Volume 25, Sicha 1
From early childhood on, we have been taught the story of Avraham breaking his father’s idols and his self-sacrifice in spreading the awareness of G‑d. Why is this story not told – or even directly hinted at – in the Written Torah?
Likkutei Sichos, Volume 20, Sicha 3
Martyrdom has, unfortunately, been a feature of the Jews’ Divine service over the course of history. However, on the surface, this phenomenon is not unique to our people. Many others have sacrificed their lives for their faiths, ideals, and values. Is there any difference between a Jew’s self-sacrifice and that of a non-Jew?
Likkutei Sichos, Volume 3
The Sages’ describe Sarah as a paradigm of a righteous person who “was perfect and whose years were perfect.” Why was Sarah chosen as the exemplar of one who possessed these two qualities, what is implied by the Sages’ use of the term “perfect,” and why did our Sages associate a righteous person’s inner perfection with the perfection of their years.
Likkutei Sichos, Volume 25, Sicha 2
There are two Torah readings that begin in a similar manner with the words "Toldos," Parshas Noach and Parshas Toldos. Why is it that specifically this Torah reading is called Toldos?

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Translated by Eliyahu Touger and Sholom B Wineberg.
Insights into the Weekly Parshah by the Lubavitcher Rebbe selected from the Likkutei Sichos series.
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