With1 the approach of the year of Shemitah, it is a mitzvah to publicize the view of the Alter Rebbe as recorded in his Shulchan Aruch (Choshen Mishpat, Hilchos Halva’ah, sec. 36): “The most preferable time to write a prozbol is at the end of the sixth year, before Rosh HaShanah of the seventh year. It is true that the Shemitah year takes effect [in remitting loans] only at the end of the year,2 as it is written, ‘At the end of every seventh year you shall hold a Shemitah.’3 Nevertheless, there are authorities who hold that it is forbidden to demand repayment of loans as soon as the seventh year begins,4 as it is written, ‘One may not press his friend or brother, for it has been called a Shemitah year for G‑d,’5 implying that this law takes effect as soon as the seventh year has been proclaimed.”