“With1 regard to prostate operations: The vast majority of surgeons sever (or by other means disconnect) some of the seminal ducts; moreover, they do this even before the actual operation.[...]

“It is a matter for speculation whether a majority of surgeons would agree not to disconnect seminal ducts at all, but most would certainly agree that any disconnection take place only after the treatment.[...]

“It should be added that if there were surgeons who would be willing to testify publicly that they had successfully carried out prostate surgery without disconnecting the spermatic ducts, this would almost certainly influence other surgeons to do likewise. Publicity of this kind is worthwhile even if the possible results are limited.

“In a similar vein, there are many cases of treatment for the lowering of an undescended testicle into the scrotum; there is also a test to determine where the second testis is sited; and so on. These situations too are sometimes treated by surgical intervention, which often involves explicit Scriptural prohibitions against severing and disconnecting [seminal organs],2 even though some of the alternative techniques are permissible without reservation. The problem here is that parents do not know that these situations raise halachic questions that call for consultation with a competent rav. Moreover, some qualified rabbanim are not aware of the particulars outlined above. In this subject, too, appropriate publicity will no doubt help people avert unwitting transgression.

“The above-mentioned remarks also apply to the treatment of scrotal hernia, which involves adults as well as minors. [...]”