“It1 is true that in the halachic literature the question of Chinuch HaBayis [lit., ‘dedication of the house’] is a subject for debate. See, for example, the Acharonim [i.e., the halachic authorities of the later generations] on the Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim, sec. 568; Magen Avraham, ibid., sec. 105, and likewise Yad Ephraim; note also the Responsa of the Chasam Sofer on Yoreh Deah, sec. 138, and Toras HaShelamim, loc. cit. Nevertheless, since it is a Jewish custom, and since, moreover, in one of his maamarim the Alter Rebbe explains ‘why people hold a festive meal and rejoice at a Chanukas HaBayis’ (ms. book2 of R. Pinchas of Shklov), this practice should be observed. [Inviting friends to one’s new home to celebrate at] a chassidic farbrengen, at which Torah thoughts and Chassidus are expounded, will be beneficial both materially and spiritually.”