“...It1 is forbidden to travel on Shabbos on Jewish-owned ships which travel on Shabbos, for such a voyage involves many of the types of work forbidden on Shabbos, including some that are deoraysa, i.e., prohibited on Scriptural authority.

“...Accordingly, it is clear that even if no one would ask whether or not such a voyage is permitted, the principle of ‘better they do it inadvertently [rather than willfully]’2 does not apply, since Scriptural prohibitions are involved, including some explicitly stated in the Torah (such as the prohibition against lighting a fire).

“Moreover, and most important: Since many of the voyagers are people who will abide by a ruling issued by Rabbinic authorities, and if so directed will refrain from traveling on such ships that operate on Shabbos, it is clear that such a directive must be forthcoming.... Suffice it to recall the teaching of our Sages: ‘Whoever is in a position [to protest, yet holds his peace, will be punished for this]....’3

“And may He Who heals the battered walls of His people Israel bestow from Above a spirit of purity that will buttress the observance of Shabbos, so that the Jewish people will observe it according to its laws, and thereupon be immediately redeemed....”4