Cf. Siddur, p. 106ff. and p. 234

The Alter Rebbe’s Siddur does not specify any particular order of prayer for the Maariv at the close of Shabbos; our custom is to pray the regular weekday Maariv (beginning with והוא רחום, שיר המעלות, ה' צבאות, ח"ק and so on).1

It is not our custom that a congregant observing yahrzeit in the course of the coming week should lead the service, unless of course the yahrzeit falls on Sunday.2

In Shemoneh Esreh, the sentence beginning אתה חונן is followed by the paragraph beginning אתה חוננתנו, which is joined to the following phrase by prefixing the letter ו (in וחננו).3

When saying ויהי נועם and the succeeding Psalm on Motzaei Shabbos, one repeats the last verse (beginning אורך ימים).4

One does not drink [even] water before Havdalah.5

Regarding the procedure for Havdalah in the Rebbe’s household at the close of a Shabbos that falls on Yom-Tov, see p. 76, below.

It is not our custom to say the hymn whose refrain is אל תירא עבדי יעקב.6