Cf. Siddur, pp. 146-7

It is our custom to stand while reciting Kiddush on Friday evenings and likewise on all festival evenings.1

The following is the customary procedure in the Rebbe’s household: The filled cup is picked up by the right hand and passed to the left hand. It is then lowered into the palm of the right hand, which is slightly cupped to simulate a vessel, the four fingers being raised, and the thumb resting to one side. Kiddush is recited standing, and the cup is held at least three tefachim (approx. 12") above the table top.2

The words סברי מרנן3 are said even by an individual who does not include others in his Kiddush.4

When Kiddush is made over bread these words (סברי מרנן) are also said.5

The text of the Kiddush includes the phrase, כי בנו בחרת ואותנו קדשת.6

Before saying the blessing המוציא one passes the knife over the loaves in order to leave a mark on them, though taking care not to cut them.7