After the Reading of the Torah, Half-Kaddish is said. When the Torah is raised so that the congregation will be able to read the script, each individual should endeavor to approach the bimah in order to be able to do so. One then says, וזאת התורה... ויאדיר (p. 70).1

A congregant within the period of mourning, and so too one who is observing yahrzeit on a day when the Torah is read, should endeavor to say the Half-Kaddish that follows the reading.

It is not our custom to point one’s finger towards the Sefer Torah when it is raised and whilst one says וזאת התורה.

According to our custom, the one who raises the Sefer Torah shows it to the congregation, replaces it on the bimah, and himself rolls it until closed. He then holds it while seated, and another congregant binds it.2

The Sefer Torah should be rolled in such a way that the nearest seam lies halfway between the two rollers.3

The girdle should be placed a third of the way up the scroll.