Cf. Siddur, p. 6ff.

One does not say1 Psalm 51 in Tikkun Chatzos on those days when Tachanun is omitted.2

It is proper to accustom oneself to say מודה אני immediately upon waking.3

When saying מודה אני one should place one hand against the other, and lower the head.4

One should not pronounce any of the Divine Names, study Torah, handle clothes, nor walk four cubits, whilst the unclean spirit [of sleep] is present upon one’s hands, i.e., before the ritual washing of the hands (netilas yadayim) in the morning.

One must ensure that the water used for washing in the morning is as fit as the water used for washing the hands before meals. It should be poured, through human effort and with a vessel, over the entire hand up to the wrist.5

The Rebbe Rashab directed that, other than on fast days, the morning blessings should not be said before one rinses one’s mouth.6