i. This level of love is referred to as hayom hazeh, “this day.” For the term zeh refers to the sublime unity, as evidenced by the fact that, [in contrast to other prophets,] Moshe our Teacher prophesied using that term [(Sifri, Mattos), saying (Bamidbar 30:2, et al.): “This (zeh) is the matter that G‑d commanded.”] On Rosh Chodesh,the Jewish people receive intellectual powers from the level of Chochmah [which is associated with the sublime unity. Since Rosh Chodeshis distinguished by this spiritual quality, it is referred to as hayom hazeh, “this day.”] See the maamar entitled Vehayah Midai Chodesh, [Likkutei Torah, Devarim, p. 97c].Therefore, the love [evoked by this level] is characterized by bittul.

ii. See the maamar cited above.