The 40th prohibition is that men are also1 forbidden from adorning themselves with women's ornaments.

The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement,2 "A man shall not wear a woman's garment."

Any man who adorns3 himself or wears an article which is known in that place to be specifically for women is punished by lashes.

You should know that this practice — of women adorning themselves with male articles or men with female articles — is sometimes done to arouse lust, as is well known among the nations; and sometimes done as a kind of idolatrous worship, as explained in books dealing with this subject.4 It is often stipulated in making some kame'ot5 that if a man is making it, he must wear women's clothing, and wear gold jewelry, pearls and the like; and if a woman is making it, she must wear armor and weapons. This is very well known among those who practice it.