This volume begins with the sichos of the month of Tammuz, the month of the Previous Rebbe’s redemption. The Rebbeim explain that all redemptions are interrelated. Particularly, this applies in regard to the redemption of a Nasi. For as the leader of the generation, his redemption shares a greater connection to the Redemption of the people as a whole.

Thus in the week’s directly following Yud-Beis Tammuz, the Rebbe Shlita intensified his statements regarding the imminence of the Redemption, declaring that we are “on the threshold of the Redemption” and that we must “live with the Redemption” and internalize it in our lives.

As the Three Weeks, the period associated with the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash, began, the Rebbe emphasized how our hopes for the rebuilding of that structure were not matters of a distant future, but present day concerns, whose fulfillment was becoming more imminent day to day. In addition to the communication of these concepts in the form of sichos, they were also adapted and presented in a format more acceptable to the public at large. These essays are also included in this volume.

The weeks that followed, “the seven weeks of consolation,” are associated with G‑d’s promise of consolation to our people, the ultimate consolation being the Redemption. And so the theme of Redemption was emphasized again. Indeed, the thrust and objective of all these sichos were single in nature, emphasizing how the Redemption is relevant to us and what we can do to hasten its coming.

As we proceeded to the month of Elul, the sichos took on overtones of this unique month, a time of summing up the service of the previous year and preparation for the service of the new year to come. And this was heightened by the unique nature of these years, 5751, (תשנ"א) was a year when “I will show you wonders” and 5752, (תשנ"ב) a year of “imbued with wonders” and of “wonders in all things.” Significantly, the Rebbe Shlita delivered sichos on many occasions during the month aside from the Shabbasos. These sichos are also included in this volume.

In recent weeks, the Rebbe has spoken about the need to “open our eyes and see the Redemption.” Implicit in this statement is that our perception must be expanded — “opened” — and we must train ourselves to “see” properly. A fundamental tool in the process of modify our perception in this manner is the study of the Rebbe’s Sichos.

May the publication of this volume bring us closer to the time when “One man will no longer teach a colleague, for they will all know Me,” with the coming of the ultimate Redemption. May this take place in the immediate future.

Sichos In English

Yud Shevat, 5752
42 Years of Nesius of the Rebbe Shlita