This letter was addressed to a philanthropist whose identity has been withheld.

B”H, the fourth candle of Chanukah, 5703

Greetings and blessings,

By now, you have certainly received your membership card for the Society for Studying Mishnayos by Heart. The Gemara states (Shvuos 39a): “All Jews are areivim for one another.” The Rebbe shlita offers three interpretations of the word areivim:1

a)sweet, i.e., every Jew must consider another Jew sweet;

b)intertwined, i.e., every Jew is intertwined with another Jew; and

c)mutually responsible; every Jew is responsible for all other Jews.

Through our one Torah, the Jews become one nation, connected with G‑d, who is “our L-rd, “ and who “is one.”2

It is our hope that you will not content yourself with looking after your own personal welfare, but will instead become one of those who bring merit to people at large, and will participate with all your resources in the broad range of activities promoted by Machne Israel.

As the Rebbe shlita has frequently alerted us, we are in the last phase of the exile, and Torah and teshuvah are the only means to alleviate the birth pangs of Mashiach.

The love which one Jew must feel toward another Jew spurs the heart to great feelings of mercy for those who do not do teshuvah in the present time.

From the newspaper clipping which accompanies this letter, you will be able to find the aspect of our activities in which it will be easiest for you to begin work. Before beginning any task, it may appear difficult. As one proceeds with the work, however, one sees that with G‑d’s help, it is possible to achieve results.

Awaiting your speedy reply, [I conclude] with the blessing, “Immediately to teshuvah, immediately to Redemption,”

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson

Chairman of the Executive Committee

P.S. The Rebbe shlita has released the enclosed letter.3 It is a great mitzvah to publicize it to the greatest degree possible by hanging it in synagogues and the like.