The Rebbe's talks and letters pertaining to the important subject of tznius is truly vast. What follows in this pamphlet is by no means exhaustive; it is but a sampling of some of the more readily available writings of the Rebbe on this vital subject. As such, this is not to be viewed as the Rebbe's final word on the many various details and aspects of tznius.

Obviously, this compilation is also not intended to act as a Shulchan Aruch or as one of the many modern-day Seforim that list the many laws of tznius , nor does it take the place of asking a competent Rav when the need arises. Its purpose is rather to compile as best as possible the Rebbe's talks and letters on the general subject of tznius, as well as some of its practical details.

The reader will find quite a number of letters and talks in this compilation wherein the Rebbe addresses the matter of wearing a sheitel. Although wearing a sheitel nowadays is a given, in the early years of the Rebbe's leadership this was not necessarily the case. The Rebbe toiled long and hard to make wearing a sheitel a most important aspect of tznius the norm that it has now become.

The material in this volume was compiled by Rabbi Shalom Yaakov Chazan and Rabbi Sholom Ber Wineberg, with the Lashon HaKodesh portions translated into English by the latter. Mrs. G. Stolik was instrumental in the original translation of the material. Yosef Yitzchok Turner was responsible for layout and typography, and Rabbi Yonah Avtzon, Director of Sichos In English, edited the material and prepared the volume for publication. The cover was designed by Avrohom Weg.

May it be HaShem's will that there immediately be fulfilled the promise of "And those who repose in the dust will arise and sing," with the Rebbe at their head, and he will offer us wonders from his Torah, "a 'new' Torah shall come forth from Me."

Sichos In English

5 Elul, 5755