The concept of tznius , generally translated as "modesty," is much, much more than that. As the Rebbe explains, tznius also incorporates Kedushah and Taharah , sanctity and purity. For based as it is on the verse "Your camp shall be holy, that He not see in you any immorality," and the verse "The entire glory of the king's daughter is within," tznius expects, demands and enables the Jewish woman to embark on an inward directed quest for purity and holiness a quest that finds its natural extension in all aspects of a Jewish woman's thought, speech and deed.

It is our fervent hope and prayer that this book, culled from the Rebbe's sacred talks and letters, will serve to enhance tznius in all its varied aspects.

Surely, our enhanced observance of tznius will in turn help us become Nashim Tzidkaniyos , truly Righteous Women, in whom's merit as the Rebbe was often fond of saying will speedily come the Redemption, with the Rebbe at our head.

Sholom B. Wineberg

Kansas City

20th of Av, 5755 (1995)