"America Is No Different"

Soon after the Rebbe, my father-in-law, arrived in America in the year 5700, he revealed that his Divine mission in this land was to transform it into a place of Torah and fear of G‑d. There were those who then asked him: "This is, after all, America; it is not like the 'old home'?" The Rebbe replied:

"America is no different; with regard to Torah and Mitzvos America is no exception!"

This saying has special significance for Jewish women to a certain extent even more than for men. Women, in general, have a tendency to follow the latest "styles." Quite often the latest fashion and style may have a deleterious influence on tznius.

Jewish women must know that the very same Torah and Mitzvos, and the very same principle of "The entire glory of the king's daughter is within" that applied in the "old home," apply in America as well.

Excerpt from a letter of the Rebbe, Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VI, p. 364

Unanimity In Tznius

Lately, with G‑d's help, the Chabad community especially Chabad women have undertaken specific good matters of conduct and comportment, matters which until now for whatever reasons were not performed by all.

When something new comes to a place it is easy for it to be, G‑d forbid, shattered. Thus, the merit is truly great of each and every one who does his or her share to strengthen these new positive manners of conduct.

On the other hand, it is easier to affect oneself even if until now one did not appreciate the true importance of such behavior by realizing that one's deportment is not a private matter, but has an effect, to a certain extent, on the whole community.

Therefore, without dwelling on the causes that up till now constrained certain positive conduct with regard to manner of dress and education of children among some of the households of the Chabad community, I want to once again draw your attention, that from now on all, without exception , are to unite with the women of the Chabad community who wear sheitlen (wigs), provide their children with a true Chassidic education, and conduct their homes in a true Chassidic manner with all its ramifications.

May G‑d help you that you perceive the truth, that acting in this way is not so difficult, nor is it something about which you should be ashamed, Heaven forfend.

Be proud of your strength that you are not abashed that when you walk in the street your friends and acquaintances perceive that here walks a Jewish woman who adheres to the "Laws of Moshe and Yisroel" so much so, that you do not desire to conceal it.

Be proud that your children know that they are different from all other Nations, that they have received the Torah, a "Torah of Life," and learn it as the singular foundation of their education.

Excerpt from Igros Kodesh, Vol. XVIII, pp. 6-7

A Woman Teachers' Manner Of Dress

The manner in which a woman teacher dresses is extremely important, as is self-understood. This is so not only in the upper grades, but in the lower grades as well.

One should be extremely mindful of this matter. Especially in light of the tale that in the Tzemach Tzedek's times a Shochet was removed from his post because he wore galoshes. Surely there is no prohibition against wearing galoshes. However, it served as an external sign and manifestation of that which was transpiring inwardly.

And a word to the wise is sufficient.

Excerpt from Igros Kodesh, Vol. IX, p. 216