The following is the Rebbe's response to N'shei uBnos Chabad, in answer to their question as to what should be the theme of one of their annual conventions:

Mahir [i.e., the response because of its importance should be conveyed with all due speed]:

It is obvious that any and all actions with regard to tznius is extremely important, and [is to be accomplished] in all manners possible. This includes approaching (in an inconspicuous manner fashion designers) and women's clothing stores. Especially, since there are those who complain that it is difficult to find tzniusdik garments in the stores.

It is worth emphasizing in an appropriate manner that girls and women [who wear non-tzniusdik garments and thereby call attention to themselves] disgrace themselves by "proclaiming" that they possess no intrinsic qualities for which they should garner attention and according to which they should be evaluated [and their sole worth is] only through a manner of conduct that is opposite of tznius.