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The early teachings of Chabad Chassidus included countless foundational perspectives on Torah thought and daily living, derived from the weekly sedrah and the Yomim Tovim. The Tzemach Tzedek painstakingly selected and edited these timeless messages of the Alter Rebbe, compiling them into two sefarim pf maamarim titled Torah Or and Likkutei Torah, laying the groundwork for all chassidic teachings shared by the following Rebbeim.

Nestled within these precious maamarim are poignant messages on the parshiyos and the Festivals, as well as profound explanations on Shir HaShirim. Following the Alter Rebbe’s uniquely pointed style and direct method of delivery, each of these teachings are decidedly concise, but contains a world of wisdom and depth. Grouped together, these lessons became known as the chassidishe parshah, the chassidic perspective on the sedrah and special dates.

Clearly translated and elucidated by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger, these fundamental maamarim are being opened up to the wider audience, and not only linguistically. The delicate and complex concepts are broken down into an easily digestible read, allowing the Jew of today to grasp the teachings of yesteryear. Compiled into two volumes, these sefarim include the primary lessons of the Alter Rebbe on the Festivals. Currently in the works are additional volumes on the weekly sedros which will be sent to print in the coming years as well.

Partner with us today to bring these highly approachable teachings to the wider Jewish community. Help us gift the light of Chassidus to all.


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For your contribution of $200 or more, you will also receive a complimentary copy of the sefarim when they are printed.


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