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It's the first of its kind.

It's a collection of timeless treasures embedded within the margins of the siddur.

In the early years of the Chabad movement, Chassidus had to be studied primarily from unorganized manuscripts. Looking to change this, the Mitteler Rebbe set about to compile a selection of the Alter Rebbe’s maamarim for print. Choosing from mammarim that were originally recited privately to the Alter Rebbe’s select inner circle and that he had personally transcribed, the Mitteler Rebbe published the first sefer of maamarei Chassidus in the year 5576 (1816). Uniquely, the mammarim were to be published in the margins of the siddur. The sefer was titled: Siddur Im Dach

Included in the Sefer are numerous maamarim elaborately expounding upon the inner meanings of the classic prayers recited daily. Additionally, it features introductory maamarim about the yomim tovim; daily mitzvos such as birchas hamazon, tefillin and tzitzis; and life cycle events, such as a bris and weddings.

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as we open the doors to this Chassidic masterpiece for English speakers worldwide. With the author's lucid translations and in-depth explanations, these complex ideas will unfold in a manner that can be accessed and appreciated by all. 

With your contribution we can share these mammarim with our readership worldwide! Partner with us today to make Lessons in Siddur Im Dach a reality!


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For your contribution of $150 or more, you will also receive a complimentary copy of the sefer when it is printed.


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