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It’s a classic series that deserves a spot in every Jewish home.

It’s the go-to resource for chassanim and kallos as they prepare to build their lives together.
It’s a series from the Rebbe’s Perspective collection.


Eternal Joy is a foundational series which has been a fundamental read for chassanim and kallos as they reach the monumental milestone of marriage. This series enlightens its readers with the Rebbe’s perspective on preparing for marriage and the stages that follow. The nuggets of wisdom, collected from the Rebbe’s correspondences with a wide range of people and culled from various sources, bring an upgraded outlook on this significant time period.

Now, this series which has enriched thousands of chassanim and kallos’ understanding and view has been revamped to further its impact of helping bring eternal joy to couples as they embark on this new chapter in life, building a Jewish home on the foundations of Torah and Mitzvos.

With a newly boosted series’ display, the Eternal Joy series has gotten a face-lift. The aesthetically pleasing cover and updated layout are indicative of the content the series holds. Already a compelling and engaging read, the newest edition features additional insights and content to enrich its readers' experience. Updated with newfound letters from the Rebbe and restructured for an easier read, the latest print of Eternal Joy is taking it up a notch. 

Partner with us to continue to bring the Rebbe’s guidance and directives to chassanim and kallos, thereby bringing eternal joy to Jewish homes. Be a link in the chain; be a part of ensuring Eternal Joy.


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For your contribution of $150 or more, you will also receive a complimentary copy of the set when it is printed.


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