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In Honor of Yud Shvat, Help us Print Lessons in Basi Legani

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Basi Legani was originally written by the Previous Rebbe to be learned on the Tenth of Shevat in honor of his grandmother's passing. This auspicious day became the yahrtzeit of the Previous Rebbe, making this sacred Chassidic Discourse the encapsulation of his life-work and his parting words to his Chassidim.

The Rebbe encouraged Chassidim to commit this discourse to heart as a source of nourishment for their souls and connection to their source. Each year, on the Tenth of Shevat, the Rebbe would expound on one chapter of the discourse, heightening Chassidim's understanding of Basi Legani.

This discourse brims with insight on our human connection to G-d, the power of our actions, and our purpose. Lessons in Basi Legani presents the practical life-work of the Previous Rebbe in a learner friendly and aesthetically pleasing format. The cover gives a hint to the ever-relevant content it is encasing. The discourse is explicitly explained allowing beginners and beyond to heed the Rebbe's directive of committing the Previous Rebbe's parting message to heart.

With your contribution, we can disseminate the Previous Rebbe's final will and testament, in a reader-friendly manner, encouraging Chassidim worldwide to learn Lessons in Basi Legani.   

Sponsorship Opportunities

$5,000 Full page dedication
$3,000 Half page dedication
$2,000 Quarter page dedication
$500 Two-line dedication
$100 Receive a complimentary copy of the sefer

For your contribution of $100 or more, you will also receive a complimentary copy of the sefer when it is printed.

In honor of the tenth of Shvat, the Previous Rebbe's day of passing and the anniversary of the original dissemination of the original discourse, help us print Lessons in Basi Legani. Your contribution will enable us to share the timeless and purposeful message with readership worldwide!


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