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Chassidic Links, the second volume of the acclaimed Our Chassidic Roots series, is a compilation of biographical sketches of prominent Chassidim. The original sketches appeared in a column called, "The History of Chassidim" in the Hatomim publication published periodically between 1935-7.

This column was dedicated to profiling famous vintage Chassidim, their personalities, and lives. As the young Chassidim of today become the elder Chassidim of tomorrow, Chassidic Links serves as an invaluable resource infusing its readers with the warmth of Lubavitch, the immeasurable sacrifice of Chassidim, and their genuine avodah. These prominent Chassidim's lives were strongly influenced by the early Rebbeim whose influence carries on through them.

Reading about the illustrious Chassidim is guaranteed to inspire Chassidim of today to learn from these lessons and try to emulate the elder Chassidim's lifestyles.

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With your contribution, Chassidic Links, can be printed for readership worldwide sharing the Chassidic warmth and inspiration of yesteryear with Chassidim of today, creating a brighter tomorrow.


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