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Help us print The Basics of Chassidus Volume 1

 A six-Volume encyclopedia of concepts in Chassidus

The Basics of Chassidus, a foundational series, takes basic and fundamental Chassidic terms and concepts and explains them. The ethereal concepts are clarified and presented in a comprehensive and down to earth way. Its sleek design and easy to read format makes the Basics of Chassidus series compelling to learn from.

This series heightens the learning of the novice and the well versed bringing depth to terms that are commonly used, but not as commonly understood. Knowledge and understanding of the bedrock of Chassidus is a stepping stone for a new found appreciation of the process of creation and the infinite wisdom of Chassidic intricacies.

The first volume of The Basics of Chassidus is nearing its printing stages, thanks to the Leiman family. Your contribution will help us begin to share the foundational knowledge explained in The Basics of Chassidus Volume 1 with readership worldwide.

Sponsorship Opportunities

$3,000 Full page dedication
$2,000 Half page dedication
$1,200 Quarter page dedication
$300 Two-line dedication
$100 Receive a complimentary copy of the sefer

For your contribution of $100 or more, you will also receive a complimentary copy of the sefer when it is printed.

With your contribution, The Basics of Chassidus can be printed for readership worldwide. Partner with us to print the first volume of The Basics of Chassidus spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus outward!


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