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Partner with us to continue R’ Yonah’s Shlichus

Rabbi Yonah Avtzon labored tirelessly over 40 years to make the Rebbe’s teachings accessible to readers in every corner of the world. Partner with us to continue his work!

Whether you knew him as a family member, an acquaintance, or a friend, it was impossible to miss R’ Yonah Avtzon’s passion for and dedication to Sichos in English. From its inception in the mid-70’s, Sichos in English was the epicenter of R’ Yonah’s life. Growing from a small project started by bochurim into a full-fledged publishing operation, Sichos in English became R’ Yonah’s personal shlichus, and he always treated it as such. All those who came in contact with him will recall the way he spoke with such enthusiasm about each new project undertaken, each new publication released.

Never wanting to put a barrier between the texts he was producing and the people that could benefit from them, he sold his books at almost no profit and made all of his works accessible online for free - foregoing much potential revenue. Instead, Sichos in English’s operating costs relied heavily on fundraising efforts and donations from the public. R’ Yonah displayed such singular devotion to his shlichus that for the past several years he withheld his own salary, sustaining his family from his work as a Shadchan instead. This level of mesirus nefesh was characteristic of R’ Yonah.

After suffering severe medical complications almost two years ago, R’ Yonah did not curtail his publishing efforts. His fundraising capabilities were greatly compromised, but nevertheless Sichos in English continued to operate at full force and new books continued to be released, including, most notably, the groundbreaking translation of the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch.

This dedication to Sichos in English is why R’ Yonah’s family members have undertaken the monumental task of continuing his life’s work. Under the new leadership of his son Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, a Vaad has been formed in order to ensure that Sichos in English continues its holy work of disseminating the teachings of our Rebbeim. Funds are needed to help cover expenses and continue the invaluable “haafotzas hamaayanos” that Sichos in English accomplished each day.

Please partner with us to continue R’ Yonah’s shlichus!

Every single donation is greatly appreciated, and partnering in the amount of $770 will help boost our campaign, pick up the pieces put on hold, and get books back in print and onto people’s bookshelves!

May we merit to see the ultimate ‘“haafotzas hamaayanos” and be reunited with all of our loved ones, with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days - amen!

Mrs. Rivkah Avtzon in coordination with the SIE Vaad

Rabbi Eliyahu Touger | Mr. Mayer Prager
Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon | Rabbi Levi Avtzon | Mrs. Chanie Wolf



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